Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photography, travel & say - one woman's search for all thing architecture across Toronto

At risk of sounding like a Hollywood nirvana, here I am posting about my travel to Toronto.
Toronto a city with vibrant architecture & milieu of cultural diversity brought  me amazement  each day as I explored it.
ROM, Designed by Daniel Libeskind 
AGO, designed by Frank Gehry
Visiting ROM & AGO were the highlights of this travel, but what really stole the show were the breathtaking 360° views of the City from CN Tower. Simply ecstatic.
City view from CN Tower
I found myself gazing, absorbed and lost in it. Each line of vista & the rail network; the different datums that building sits on & waterfronts that makes beautiful public spaces.

And I thought to myself, its as simple and as complex as : putting people, places & things together that... really makes Toronto - "Toronto."
Toronto skyline

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Anar said...

great that you enjoyed the city...i lived there for almost 2 years and the festivals like Caribbean parade, Jazz on the streets really made me feel like I want to live in Toronto..very international and I already look so much has developed by the water front which wasn't there only a few years ago..a fast pace city with a lot of culture.