Sunday, October 10, 2010

branding THAILAND

It was a vacation in a vacation over my last visit to India, almost unplanned we went to Thailand.

Thaliand is a beautiful, scenic country drenched in culture of immense hospitality and has a hard to miss upon omnipresent gold glow radiating its grandeur and royalty.

Sea shore, Phuket, Thailand. Photo by Vaish Jais

Royal Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Vaish Jais

I flew Thai Air

Thai. Photo source Interbrand

A perfect example of how to inculcate an essence of a culture and its architecture through brand, Thai Air delivers a customer experience that, further up-plays this thai-ness in a very contemporary way. Interbrand has designed Thai Air into a brand that becomes an ambassador for Thailand.

Excerpts from Interbrand website: 'Design ethic is inspired by "jumpee" symbol, the traditional "wai" greeting of bringing the two palms together and the pitched roof of Thai architecture.' Read more