Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Design is Changing the World

Book Review: THE POWER OF PROBONO 40 stories about Design for the Public Good by Architects and Their Clients

Edited by John Cary and Public Architecture
Book Design by Pentagram
Published by Metropolis Books

 I received a courtesy copy of this book and yes it was a beautiful feeling to see my name in the ‘acknowledgments’ for the book.  What’s more beautiful is to contribute a 1% of your workday to help someone so that you feel good for the other 99% of the time.
Based on this simple concept of contributing just 1% of your service for a good cause, Public Architecture started ‘the1%’ program in 2005. Today it’s even shaped itself into a book.  This book goes a long way with its inspiring and successful stories of people that believe in doing public good. 
 In this world of architecture, we hunt hungry to spot those ‘Oh-so-cool’ moments. And, we sit silent often; ignoring that architecture can also be about bringing change for a good cause.  Design is changing the world.
Here is a book that will inspire you. Read it, read these 40 stories. And then, become a part of one such story.
Make a change, make a difference.

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