Saturday, May 29, 2010

If I (an architect) turned into chef...this would be my food.

The first thing I had to do was to sketch out my concept. It didn't had much to do with my culinary skill as much as it had to do with plating, colors, proportions, geometry and such. Haha...I mean it.

I am not a chef, so I leave that part for the experts. If you are a chef and reading this, you are most welcome to help me improvise the dish. On other hand, this was an experiment to express some of my architectural ingenuity towards cooking.

And may be this makes it apt to put it up here where I talk about - all thing architecture. So far, I have been mostly documenting my travel.

Enjoy, square-cut grilled scallops with bell pepper & papaya puree garnished with spring onion & sage

Sketching the idea

Square cut grilled scallops in bell pepper- papaya puree garnished with onion & sage.

On Plate


chef aridam said...

nice make up of the plate,good choice of accompaniments...grt finishing..

chef aridam said...

nice finishing as ur not a technical person..realy awsom