Saturday, April 17, 2010

George Town, Washington D.C.

I couldn't quite tag this place into a specific category. It will not do justice if I tag it as: this, this, this and oh...also that.
I enjoyed its riverfront setting, colorful and very sketch-able streetscapes. And I liked the diverse range of shopping experience it offers. You can find your branded cup of Starbucks coffee next to a local eatery. With chic boutique apparel stores, modern furniture showrooms and then some antique collectors paradise. Also, If you are visiting don't miss to take a look at the oldest house not just on the block but of the town.

sweet green

Sculpture Garden, Washington D.C

If you are looking to spend time amidst MirĂ³ Joan & Calder Alexander and push the time back in evidently historic town of D.C. then, you shouldn't miss upon the Sculpture Garden.
With 17 sculptures on display,a cafe and even a skate ring; the garden attracts the arty locals and curious visitors alike.

Brownies at the cafe are delicious,I chose to sit by the lounge seating and absorb the white-noise with an order of Cheese pizza. Took some pictures on my walk in the park. And then relished the tasty brownie with minutes of introspective solitude.

Cheval Rouge (Red Horse) by Alexander Calder

A Joan Miro sculpture (Gothic Personage, Bird Flash)